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What are Huha Rewards?Updated a year ago

Huha rewards is our loyalty system whereby we celebrate our online customers by rewarding them with points every-time they shop or support Huha. 

Redeeming Huha Rewards 

You will first need to login to you rewards account in the popup here. (Hit the back button to navigate to the login page).

Once you are logged in, you will see your rewards balance, and then you can select 'ways to redeem.' 

You can use your points towards your next purchase; a discount code will be generated which you will enter at checkout.

How much money are points worth? 

Every 500 Huha points is equal to $5 off.

I have ordered before but don't have a rewards account, can I still get my rewards? 

Yes you can, if you sign up for rewards using the email address you previously ordered with your order points with automatically be added into your profile, and be redeemable right away. 

How can I earn Huha Points? 

Signing up to Huha rewards - 100 points 

Every $1 spent - 2 points 

Share us facebook -  50 points 

Follow us on Instagram - 150 points 

Write us a review - 200 points 

Attach a picture to your review - 50 points 

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