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Shopping using our Quil Bags ( Only available in Canada )

Deciding to shop with our reusable Quil Bags - here are some FAQS you may find helpful.


How is Quil better for the environment?

Using a QUIL bag is the best option for the environment since it is virtually zero-waste and reduces the carbon footprint of packaging:. After just 1x reuse, a QUIL bag is already a better option for our planet.

How do I return my empty QUIL bag?

Returning your empty QUIL bag is easy! Pull out the prepaid return flap and ensure it’s visible, fold up the bag and drop it into the nearest Canada Post mailbox. Remember to Fill out THIS FORM with your QUIL bag number (found under the pre-paid retu

Do I get a discount for returning my QUIL bag?

Yes! Here’s how: